Policies suspended as of 05/04/2022 please refer to government website for latest guidance.

Driving School Wirral is now open for business, we have resumed scheduling of lessons, we are continuing to take future bookings and the waiting lists of new customers is growing day by day.

COVID-19 has changed the world forever and we all need to adapt to the many changes in every aspect of our lives. Whist COVID procedures mean every day tasks are now taking longer and is the cause of much frustration, it is necessary to ensure the safety of our team, their families and our customers – it is of paramount importance to us.

The new procedures ensure we are a COVID secure business and so we need your help undertaking taking additional steps in relation to health and safety.

There are a number of very detailed documents that have been published by DVSA, DIA, ADINJC and NASP and we have attached these links below. All procedures are updated in a timely manner as we are notified by the government.

Below you will find a summary and a simplified list of actions that we will undertake and we ask you to undertake to ensure we all mitigate the risk of transmission and spreading of the coronavirus. If you have any concerns please speak to your instructor in the first instance, should they not be able to help they will escalate the issue.

All instructors are regularly testing themselves and their family members.

Before and after each lesson the car will be cleaned, including: 

  • Door handles (inside and out) – grab handles- window controls – door mirror controls etc.
  • All Mirrors.
  • Keys or Engine Starter buttons were fitted.
  • Seats and all adjustable controls such as seat belts, buckles, straps and clasps.
  • Steering wheel, any adjustment levers, all indicator/control stalks and horn
  • Gear Lever / Handbrake and all associated buttons specific to that make & model of vehicle.
  • Bonnet release catches internal and external when touched.
  • All other controls such as ventilation controls & Sat Nav.
  • All training resources such as laminated books, pens, stylus and iPads etc. Will be wiped down.
  • We will remind students to avoid touching their face if possible.
  • We will remind students that we may use air con or climate controls with filter systems and will have the system in air re circulation mode.
  • Where there is no appropriate filter system windows will be open as much as possible (weather permitting). In some weather conditions it could mean lessons have to be cancelled or cut short. There will be no charge should this be deemed necessary.
  • Students will need to wear a mask but it’s your choice to wear gloves or not. However gloves can give a false sense of security and it has been proved the best way to tackle the virus and reduce transmission is good hand washing.
  • Were possible we will conduct the lesson recap and briefing outside the vehicle.
  • Upon entering the vehicle all students and instructors will use hand sanitiser.
  • All conversations will happen facing forward looking out of the windscreen.
  • Visual aids will be held up and not passed between instructor and student.
  • Pens and styluses will not be shared.
  • If we undertake a demonstration drive then the car will be wiped down between changeovers.
  • All payments will be made by bank transfer 48 hors before a lesson. Should the lesson be cancelled due to COVID then the monies’ will be refunded in full or held over for the next lesson. This to be agreed by txt between instructor and pupil at the time of cancelation to avoid any future confusion or dispute.
  • We will then remind students to rewash their hands at the end of the lesson, again for 20 seconds and to dispose of any masks or gloves themselves.

There will be no charge for lessons cancelled on production of a positive test.

Should you need to cancel a lesson due to positive test we will then take you out of the diary for a further 14 days. This is to protect everyone and to reduce the chances of further transmission and spread of the virus.

If the instructor can undertake the “missed” lessons in future weeks to maintain progress and readiness for a test date they will, however this cannot be guaranteed and test dates may need to be rescheduled accordingly.

With COVID-19 there are specific regulations for the driving industry that state we must all wear a mask when having the general public in our vehicles. This is something we have adhered to since we were allowed to start teaching again. However, please be aware that our driving instructors use their vehicles during their down time and may have people in their car who are in their family / support bubble.

If we showcase this image in our windscreen then this means we are not out on a lesson and the people in the car are people who are in our support bubble / family members.

We’re also a recognised driving school that helps learners who have additional needs, this could also mean they are exempt from wearing a face mask due to exemptions due to their disability or health condition.

Our cars are thoroughly cleaned between each passenger / pupil and before we start lessons. We are doing all we can to keep everyone safe and to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

Everyone’s safety is our top priority. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Thanks for your cooperation at this time,

Carol, Jayne, Katy, Andy, Derek, Caitlin Sarah & Tim