Learning to Drive with Driving School Wirral

Driving lessons with professional, calm and patient driving instructors.

Booking Driving Lessons

Booking lessons with Driving School Wirral could not be easier, our friendly team are awaiting to take you call.

Professional and patient driving instructors are ready to teach you a life skill and help you achieve your driving ambitions.

Driving Lesson Packages

We appreciate that learning to drive can be expensive, but remember if you choose cheap lessons they often end up costing you far more overall. You will often have more lessons than should be necessary, often failing to make process and switching instructions until you find the quality you deserve and need to become a safe driver for life. It’s not the cost of the lesson, it’s the quality of the lesson that is the most important factor.

Learning to drive is a life skill and we at Driving School Wirral offer you the best payment plan to meet you budget and become a safe driver for life as efficiently as possible.

At Driving School Wirral we offer you a choice of driving lesson packages and payment options. We pride ourselves on offering all pupils a quality service with highly professional, patient and caring driving instructors. Your goal is to become a safe and confident driver for life. Our aim is to lead you through a structured course which will help you achieve your goal.

Take Regular Driving Lessons!

Taking regular driving lessons (at least one session a week) will ensure that you achieve your goal quicker, will continue to make progress lesson by lesson and will guarantee your place within the Driving School Wirral diary. We have a waiting list of pupils eager to start their lessons with us and others waiting to take additional lessons when opportunities arise.

Safety is our priority at Driving School Wirral. We don’t train you to pass a test with DVSA. We teach you how to be a safe driver for life. When you reach this standard on any road at any time off the day you will be ready to pass the test and stay safe!

Driving is a life skill and will give you the freedom to take that job you always wanted, travel to see friends and family, go on holiday and just make day to day life easier and more manageable.

Driving lessons can be taken in a variety of session options. However our block booking driving packages are the most effective and efficient way to learn to drive. It makes budgeting for lessons weekly or monthly more manageable and shows that after passing your driving test you are able to manage and budget for some of the regular costs associated with buying a running your own car.

It’s easy to book driving lessons with Driving School Wirral.

  • Choose the driving package you require
  • Use our easy, online payment system to pay. Alternatively contact us and pay by card over the phone.
  • Call us to book the day and time of your lesson.

We are ready to help with your enquiry. Contact us – you won’t be disappointed.